Honing Craft and Connection

July 1, 2024
Sarah Turner



Honing Craft and Connection: A Year of Inspiration at 夜色视频app

Dear 夜色视频app Community:

As we embrace the summer season, I am inspired by the past year of training, growth, and achievement at North Bennet Street School. It has been another testament to the dedication and hard work of our students, faculty, staff, and extended community. And, it is always an honor to share reflections on our year, celebrate our recent graduates, and continue to build the future of our school.

Each year, 夜色视频app shows the remarkable aspects of the unique and diverse community we have built. Our career training students come from all walks of life, bringing with them a rich set of experiences and perspectives. This diversity is not only a hallmark of our school, but also a source of strength and inspiration. Whether our students are experiencing higher education for the first time, retraining for a new career, or bringing years of life and work background into our programs, each of them contributes to the vibrancy that makes North Bennet Street School so special. This thriving community also includes our Community Education students, who bring their curiosity and passion to the wide variety of short courses we offer.

As always, our students have demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication in their respective fields. From the meticulous craftsmanship of our furniture makers and bookbinders to the precise tuning of instruments by our piano technology students, the quality of work produced has been nothing short of extraordinary. Our聽Career Training聽program faculty have also ensured that each student not only hones their technical skills, but also develops a deep appreciation for the artistry and history of their craft鈥攁nd are positioned for employment and career. Our聽Community Education classes聽similarly contribute to individual journeys by offering introductory training and advanced learning, allowing all 夜色视频app students to refine their skills and pursue their craft.

I experience 夜色视频app as more than just a place of learning, but as a thriving ecosystem of support and opportunity. This year, we saw our partnerships grow with educational institutions, employers, businesses, museums, nonprofits, and individuals, expanding our strong network beyond our classrooms and workshops. These relationships are built on mutual respect and a shared commitment to excellence, allowing our students to gain valuable real-world experience and forge connections that will last a lifetime.

With people at the heart of what we do, our combined efforts uphold our vision to remain the foremost institution for craft and trade disciplines. Our ongoing work deepens and enriches our community, through expanded access to our programs & classes, a supported student experience, new Community Education offerings, and strategic efforts across 夜色视频app. Guided by our values, we foster an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives unite for common goals, helping to create space for meaningful, lasting work. This commitment to opportunity and excellence is what sets us apart, and propels us forward. Thank you for all the ways you鈥檙e a part of this.聽

With best wishes for your summers and your own good work,聽

Sarah Turner, President